Product description

Core selling point of Anorectal health care ointment

We should erect ideas: anorectal health, nursing first.

Peking University Molecular Research Institute, Nano-Fullerene Patent Technology

Research and Development Achievements of Peking University Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cheng Heping Team in the Past Ten Years. National invention patent acquisition project. Relevant achievements belong to the international initiative and have completely independent intellectual property products

Repair of anal mucosa to maintain your anal health

Nanofullerenes: Mainly used for skin and mucous membrane maintenance and health care, Curing health cream suppository can be conveniently used for anorectal care and health care, can prevent local tissue from aging too quickly, improve cell vitality, promote the rehabilitation of diseased tissue, enhance the disease resistance of local cells and tissues, and has the effect of actively preventing and promoting rehabilitation through curing anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids. Promote cell growth, accelerate wound healing, soften keratin and other physiological functions. It is a good and healing agent for anorectal trauma and can relieve dry skin.

Maintenance anorectal, prevent recurrence, serious hemorrhoids do not need operate

Advocating the concept of anorectal maintenance, for hemorrhoids with severe hemorrhage, Zhongzhiping anorectal hemorrhoids ointment does not require surgery.

Unique product principle to treat and prevent hemorrhoids from the cell level.

It is different from that principle of all hemorrhoid treatment products on the market at present, and solves various anorectal problems headed by hemorrhoids from the source: removing harmful free radicals and improving cell power

Can internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids bleeding, hemorrhoids cause itching be treated?

Yes ,Internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, prevention of postoperative hemorrhoids recurrence, anal itching, prevention of severe hemorrhoids bleeding, all quickly effective,We are a new generation of products for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which have a therapeutic effect on all hemorrhoids. Long-term use, hemorrhoids do not recur

Product details highlight the environmental protection concept of respecting life and nature

7 Granule 1 box。Each hemorrhoid suppository is individually packaged, disposable, hygienic and clean, easy to use。The outer packaging is environmentally friendly, showing our concept of respecting nature, health and life