Product question and answer

1 What is a Anorectal health care ointment

Answer: Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment is an external health care product developed by Wuxi Zhongzhi Micro-Nano Technology Co., Ltd., Mainly used for skin and mucous membrane care, The maintenance and health care paste suppository can be conveniently used for anorectal maintenance and health care, can prevent local tissues from aging too fast, improve cell vitality, promote rehabilitation of diseased tissues, enhance disease resistance of local cells and tissues, and has the effects of actively preventing anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids and promoting rehabilitation through maintenance.

2 What is the difference between the Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointmentand general hemorrhoids medicine and surgical treatment

Answer: First of all, Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment is a health care product, not a medicine. General hemorrhoids are corresponding to the treatment of specific conditions of hemorrhoids, such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostasis, surgery is to remove hemorrhoids itself. The difference is that it is not simply to treat the disease, nor is it to cut off the body, but to eliminate the cause of disease. It focuses on suppressing the anorectal pathogenic factor-oxidative stress reaction through active care and health care, and removing harmful free radicals produced by the reaction, so that the anorectal will not be damaged by oxidative stress reaction leading to disease. Not after damage and disease have developed. Therefore, the Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment is a health care product used for the routine maintenance of the anus and intestines, When anorectal irritation, such as constipation, standing for a long time, bad diet, leads to anorectal oxidative stress reaction, often pay attention to the use of care paste, actively inhibit oxidative stress against anorectal cells and tissues should cause damage, can effectively ensure anorectal health, prevent anorectal diseases and development.

3. The principle of anorectal Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment care of the health care cream.

Answer: Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment uses nano-carbon fullerene (hereinafter referred to as nano-carbon) materials to resist oxidative stress and effectively scavenge free radicals, inhibit oxidative stress reaction on local cells and tissues caused by injury, and then prevent these injuries caused by disease. The etiology of hemorrhoids is mainly due to people's living and working habits, such as long-term sitting or standing still, constipation, spicy food, tobacco and alcohol, leading to anorectal local tissue oxidative stress reaction, oxidative and antioxidative imbalance, resulting in cell and tissue damage, aging and mutation, and cumulative leading to anorectal diseases. Often pay attention to the use of care paste to inhibit oxidative stress response, scavenging harmful free radicals, can eliminate these pathogenic factors. And then stop the damage of cells and tissues, stop the accumulation of damage, nature can maintain our anal intestine, to ensure the health of the anal intestine. In fact, in addition to hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases, Many skin and mucosal problems, such as furuncle, carbuncle and other skin diseases, oral ulcer, mild scald, and skin aging wrinkles, are caused by local stimulation due to oxidative stress reaction, but also can be effectively prevented and recovered by the use of care cream to remove the damage caused by oxidative stress in local tissues.

4. How many boxes or times can hemorrhoids patients see the effect? How long does a maintenance cycle take?

Answer: Mainly to remove local oxidative stress-related symptoms, such as hematochezia, itching, fall feeling, etc., due to individual differences, as well as the health of the anus and intestines, the speed of effect will not be the same.For hemorrhoids with severe hemorrhage, surgery is not required, and 1to 3 boxes are used for obvious changes. Long-term use, hemorrhoids say goodbye to you. Whether can completely recover depends on the specific situation, the earlier the general use, the shorter the course of disease, the better the effect. Considering from the mechanism of action, the effect is better at the beginning of the disease, preferably before the occurrence of anorectal diseases, can completely avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids diseases. Therefore, the anal bowel needs daily maintenance. Frequent use can prevent the anal bowel from aging too quickly, maintain elasticity and vitality, and effectively prevent the occurrence of anal bowel diseases.

5. Use method of anorectal suppository of Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment

Answer: remove suppository from sheath, simultaneously taking out medicate finger condom on index finger, holding suppository with thumb and middle finger, aligning anus, and pushing index finger against tail of suppository. If the anus feels dry and astringent, it can be pushed in after being slightly wet with water. For external hemorrhoids, you can first dip in water smear external hemorrhoids, and then push in. General push into the suppository after the tail in the anus two centimeters appropriate.

6. Daily health care usage and dosage with hemorrhoids without obvious symptoms

Answer: When there is no obvious pain, itching, hematochezia, falling and other symptoms, use 1 to 2 pills per week, or feel untimely use after defecation, inhibit local oxidative stress reaction at any time, and eliminate harmful free radicals to eliminate discomfort symptoms, prevent anorectal tissue aging, and prevent the development and deterioration of anorectal diseases.

7. Bloody stool, no pain, itching and other symptoms

Answer: This kind of situation is mostly internal hemorrhoids, but you must ask the hospital to confirm the diagnosis so as not to delay the treatment of other diseases. If internal hemorrhoids bleed, use one after each defecation. Usually, hematochezia can be stopped after about three times of use. Daily maintenance can be carried out every other day. If the blood in feces does not decrease after one week, the patient must go to the hospital to check for other diseases.

8. When hemorrhoids are newly discovered, the hemorrhoid nucleus protrudes from the stool, and can be retracted or pushed in by hand after defecation.

Answer: This is the best time to use the care cream, one a day after defecation, generally around two weeks to recover. Afterwards 1 to 3 tablets per week can also be used in the post-defecation untimely or constipation for timely anorectal care.

9. Hemorrhoids for several years or even decades, and often have itching, falling and other discomfort

Answer: Need long-term care, symptoms are obvious after defecation one a day, asymptomatic can be used according to daily care. This kind of situation anorectal general damage and aging pathological changes have been more serious, mainly to prevent oxidative stress caused by further damage, so that anorectal diseases no longer deteriorate and develop. However, it is difficult for the severely damaged anorectal tissue to recover completely, which requires long-term maintenance and anorectal lifting exercise to promote recovery

10.Usage of External Hemorrhoids and Internal and External Mixed Hemorrhoids

Answer: When symptomatic, take one poop after each day. Smear the external hemorrhoids with water and put it into the anus two centimeters later. In case of no obvious symptoms, it shall be used as routine maintenance.

11. Care and health care of anal fissure

Answer: Anal fissure accompanied by pain or bleeding, one after the stool, into the anal two centimeters. As there are not many cases, the effect has not been confirmed, users should be informed that it can be tried, but if there are adverse reactions please discontinue use.

12. Anal fistula care and health care Usage

Answer: After defecation one, the anus into two centimeters, and attention to adverse reactions, if there are adverse reactions please stop using. Because there are not many cases of anal fistula, there is no clear conclusion on the effect of its use.

13. After chronic proctitis is cured and used

Answer: one pill is put into the anus more than two centimeters. Because there was only one case, the effect was uncertain. Please discontinue if there are adverse reactions.

14. Healthy anal bowel maintains usage to

Answer: when defecate has ache unwell feeling, defecate hind one; Or according to the health of the anus, 1-3 capsules per week, and then put them into the anus two centimeters after defecation.

15. Taboo of Health Care Cream

Answer: The taboo is not yet clear. It is recommended that pregnant women be banned. If you have allergic symptoms please stop using

16.Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment has no toxic side effects

Answer: Clinical use and animal tests did not see toxic side effects. The use of carbon nanoparticles and other traditional Chinese medicine and matrix components has been shown to have no toxic side effects. However, in a numb of cases that us responded with symptoms of diarrhea, suppositories may be Diarrhoea can be eliminated by dividing it into three parts, one third at a time. If you still have diarrhea, you may be allergic to a certain ingredient in the suppository and should stop using it.

17.Other precautions in the use of suppositories

Answer: Although there are no toxic or side effects in the composition of suppositories, the use of suppositories should be stopped immediately if there are any adverse reactions due to the great differences among individuals. Health care cream is a health care product for anus and intestine daily maintenance, not a therapeutic drug. The user's condition is serious, no obvious improvement after the trial, should be told to go to the regular hospital to check, so as not to delay the disease. Suppositories should be stored in a place unsuitable for young children to avoid inhalation or inhalation.

18.Storage and shelf-life of maintenance health cream

Answer:The suppository should be stored in a cool and dry place below 30C. It will melt when it is wet or the temperature is higher than 40C. It should not be taken out when it adheres to the casing, but it will not deteriorate and will not affect the use effect. The effective ingredients and matrix used in the care paste are stable and will not deteriorate after long-term storage, with a nominal shelf life of two years. But it was stored in a cool and dry place at room temperature. After 5 years, no metamorphism was found and the product was still effective.

19.For serious hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids surgery, hemorrhoids bleeding effect?

Answer:For hemorrhoids after surgery recurrence, hemorrhoids bleeding is also effective

20.Product main ingredients

Product ingredients: nanofullerene, borneol, polyethylene glycol, glycerin, gelatin

Storage method: avoid light, cool and dry place

Shelf life: 24 months

Production execution standard: Q/HNJD126-2017

The mechanism of Zhong Zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment is to inhibit oxidative stress reaction and scavenge harmful free radicals. All problems caused by oxidative stress are generally effective. However, due to safety considerations, it is only for external use and should not be taken orally. When oral ulcer is used, there will be no problem if a small amount of oral ulcer is swallowed with saliva. Since the suppository matrix is water-soluble, it should be soaked in water when in use, otherwise it will not dissolve and dry parts will not be smeared. Generally, after smearing, it can be put back into the plastic sleeve for storage and can be used many times. Do not use if the skin is damaged. Do not use the same suppository for different fungal infections to avoid cross infection.