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Introduction to the background of research and development of Zhong Zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment

We have a highly educated and high-quality research team from Peking University, with ten years of research achievements. The first invention patent was granted in 2013, and subsequent patents are being applied one after another. And with Peking University Institute of Molecular Medicine, Academician Cheng Heping team to further cell and molecular level of basic scientific research, as well as animal experiments. On this basis, promote the further development of products. Relevant achievements are the first of their kind in the world and have their own intellectual property rights. The team pioneered the use of nanomaterials to treat skin and mucosal problems, making many skin and mucosal problems preventable and treatable based on inhibition of oxidative stress and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. A generation of products "Zhong zhi ping Anorectal health care ointment" used to care for anus, anal mucous membrane damage, bleeding and various anal etiology, prevention of anal common problems, lubrication, tightening, detonation of your anal excitement.